About us...

Shri Shanaleshwar Mahadev Samiti (Regd) has been working from since 1999.Since then our Samiti has been performing Social and Religious activities continuously. The organization committee is working only with social attitude under the supervision of President (Mohinder Kumar Arora). Our all team is mostly doing Social Activities in social life. With the blessing of Lord Shiva and inspiration from Shri 1008 Mehant INDERGIRI JI MAHARAJ we organized bhandara during Amarnath Yatra and Monthly Bhandara at Shri Shanaleshwar Mahadev Mandir. We organize Bhandara with Amount Donate by Devotee of Lord Shiva through Amount Deposit in our Bank Account or through Online. We didn’t accept Donation for Amarnath Bhandara during Yatra.

We do...

The organization is basically organized Bhandara at AMARNATH (Bhandara Place) & provide facilities to Amarnath’s Yatries during Yatra. Our first target is mostly people will visit the Amarnath and take darshan of Baba Barfani. Mehant Shri Shri 1008 INDER GIRI JI MAHARAJ (Nalas Mandir Rajpura) once in a year visit at our Bhandara Place during Amarnath Yatra
Our Samiti has arranged Monthly Tryodashi Bhandara  at Shri Shanaleshwar Mahadev Mandir at the day of Taryodashi.  The devotees of Lord Shiva were served food. The Samiti realized that the devotees of Lord Shiva have been blessed with awakening and Bhandara are arranged at different places.
Our Samiti also also arrange Bhandara for Yajmaans who worship Lord Shiva at 51 kundiya Hawan Yagya . Every year at Shanaleshwar Mahadev Mandir, Nalas, Rajpura (Patiala, Punjab) organize 51 kundiya Hawan Yagya. Our Samiti’s member serves Bhandara to Yajmaans
Our Samiti also organize Bhandara  for Sadhu Saints at Kumbh Mela at Pyrag Raaj (Allahabad)



Our Mission……

Our first target is mostly people will visit the Amarnath and take darshan of Baba Barfani. Our mission is serve the devotees of Lord Shiva at Amarnath Yatra with food and other facilities. We also feel pleasure to serve the devotees of Lord Shiva at Shanaleshwar Mahadev Mandir on occasion of Tryodash and 51 Kundiye Hawan Yagra .


Our Motto……

” हे मेरे नाथ मैं आपको भूलूँ नहीं “

“जय बाबा अमरनाथ बर्फानी – भूखे को अन्न प्यासे को पानी “


भंडारे के लिए सहयोग इस पते पर भेजें

श्री शानालेश्वर महादेव सेवा समिति [रजि],(नलास) राजपुरा Office: 165, Old Grain Market,Rajpura 140401 (Punjab)

Office: 165, Old Grain Market,Rajpura 140401 (Punjab)

Office & Batoat Bhandara: 080545-49400, 094172-49400

Our Banker
Bank of India, Rajpura(Pb.) A/c No. 65110100014355
State Bank of Patiala, Rajpura(Pb.) A/c No. 65186865855
Punjab National Bank, Rajpura(Pb.) A/c No. 0401020100021041

श्री शानालेश्वर महादेव शिव मंदिर नलास, राजपुरा

हर सोमवार के भंडारा के लिए इन नंबरों पर सम्पर्क करें
01762-276222, 094172-09622, 094178-01008

मासिक त्रयोदशी भंडारे के लिए आप सम्पर्क करें
President: Mohinder Kumar Arora (094170-40882)