Welcome To Shree Shanaleshwar Mahadev Sewa Samiti [Regd.] (Nalas) Rajpura

Shri Shanaleshwar Mahadev Samiti (Registered) Nalas Rajpura under the society registration Act.(XXI of 1860) and as amended by punjab Amendment Act, 1957 with reg.no 400. Shri Shanaleshwar Mahadev Samiti(regd.) has been working since 1999.Since then our Samiti has been performing Social and Religious activities continuously. The organization committee is working only with social attitude under the supervision of President (Mohinder Kumar Arora). Our all team is mostly doing Social Activities in social life. With the blessing of Lord Shiva and inspiration from Shri 1008 Mehant INDERGIRI JI MAHARAJ we organized bhandara during Amarnath Yatra and Monthly Bhandara at Shri Shanaleshwar Mahadev Mandir. We organize Bhandara with Amount Donate by Devotee of Lord Shiva through Amount Deposit in our Bank Account or through Online. We didn’t accept Donation for Amarnath Bhandara during Yatra.

History of Shree Shanaleshwar Mahadev Temple (Nalas)

Mahadev shanaleshwar history five hundred yearsold sleep.So five hundred years ago,forests were here.the cowmen used to come here every day for grazing their cows.At This place archimandrite (mahant) Karamgiri ji used to sit under the fig tree for meditation.When cowmen come to graze their cows Then a cow named Nandini cow give less milk every day.The cowmen were very confused that how Nandini cow’s milk is little everyday? To explore this the cowmen followed the cow Nandini and saw that cow came under a volley of Hins and Nandini cow’s milk stream itself seems to be flowing.

त्रयोदशी भण्डारा (13 मई, 2018 मंगलवार )

ॐ !! जय शंकर की !! ॐ

प्रिये भक्तों, कृपया आप सभी को श्री शानालेश्वर महादेव सेवा समिति, नलास (राजपुरा) की ओर से त्रयोदशी के अवसर पर त्रयोदशी भंडारे के लिए आमंत्रित किया जाता है|

भंडारे का समय: शाम 7:00 बजे से रात्रि 10:00 बजे तक |

स्थान: श्री शानालेश्वर शिव मंदिर, नलास (राजपुरा) |

Shree Amarnath Yatra 2018


भंडारे के लिए सहयोग इस पते पर भेजें

श्री शानालेश्वर महादेव सेवा समिति [रजि],(नलास) राजपुरा

Office: 165, Old Grain Market,Rajpura 140401 (Punjab)

Office & Batoat Bhandara: 080545-49400, 094172-49400

Chairman- Chander Bhan Ghakkhar(98146-25355)

General Secretary- Bharat Bhushan Kamra(98156-23206)

Cashier- Mukesh Kumar Gandhi(94177-65162)

Advisory Committee Chairman- Sushil Kumar Kintu(98722-81706)

श्री शानालेश्वर महादेव शिव मंदिर नलास, राजपुरा

मासिक त्रयोदशी भंडारे के लिए आप सम्पर्क करें
President: Mohinder Kumar Arora (94170-40882)

Our Banker

Bank of India, Rajpura(Pb.) A/c No. 65110100014355

State Bank of Patiala, Rajpura(Pb.) A/c No. 65186865855

Punjab National Bank, Rajpura(Pb.) A/c No. 0401020100021041